Properly maintaining your Chevrolet will ensure its dependability and safety and potentially improve its performance and fuel economy. For your vehicle to remain mechanically sound, regular maintenance tasks, such as brake servicing, battery testing, oil changes, and tire rotations, are essential. Read below as Lally Chevrolet shares more details on the importance of vehicle maintenance. You'll be glad you learned what you needed and adhered to your Chevy maintenance schedule. You'll get the most out of your vehicle, whether you just bought a new Chevy or want to look after and restore an older pre-owned model.


For many drivers, the last thing they want is to risk expensive mechanical repairs in the future. For trucks, cars, SUVs, or anything else, adequately timed vehicle maintenance takes effort and money. Chevy offers tips for routine maintenance, including when to perform timing belt replacements, oil changes, and brake inspections. Typically, the instructions provide deadlines for completing specific tasks based on the number of miles or months that you've been driving your vehicle. Some of the benefits of servicing your car by the manufacturer's suggested maintenance schedule include the following:



Regular maintenance is usually the best source of long-term savings for a car owner. For example, your car could have a small but gradual transmission fluid leak. If you don't service it right away, the transmission's parts will generate extra heat, eventually damaging them. You might need to pay for a transmission repair or replacement rather than just fixing the leak, which would be substantially more expensive than routine Chevrolet maintenance.


The probability of a breakdown rises if you don't have regular maintenance performed on your car, and the consequences of this could vary, but no one wants to deal with an accident if they can help it. Even if no other vehicles are involved, you might need to pay a towing company to transport your car to a service center. There's also the risk of being stuck on the side of the road in poor weather.



Operating at peak performance requires routine oil and other fluid maintenance and adjusting and replacing worn-out internal mechanical components. A car operating smoothly and riding better can encourage high efficiency and increase the durability of engine and drivetrain parts.



Our specialists are qualified and equipped to care for your vehicle, from routine maintenance to extensive repairs. Visit us for genuine Chevy-certified services, including the following:


For safe and effective driving, a properly maintained braking system is essential. You'll need to service or replace pads, rotors, and callipers. If you're detecting clear signs of brake wear, such as squealing or less stable driving, get a brake service as soon as possible.


Aside from the gradual stress of driving, winter and summer's extreme cold and heat can wear out automobile batteries over time. Checking your car's battery takes only a few seconds, and if it needs a new one, we provide a variety of highly rated ACDelco products.


You can easily tell when the tires are ready for replacement, such as noticing short treads or trouble maintaining air pressure. Our specialists are qualified to examine the tires and service or replace them while performing related tasks, usually done simultaneously, such as Chevy wheel alignment.


Oil changes are generally necessary every 3,000 miles for many older Chevrolet models, including those made before or without the oil life monitoring system. Newer models may have longer intervals, partly based on the oil your vehicle has used and your driving habits. Always refer to the owner's manual for details on the suggested oil-change intervals for your vehicle.


The heart of your Chevrolet is its engine and transmission, which produce and distribute the force needed to move the vehicle forward. In the case of electric Chevy vehicles like the Bolt, the drive battery and motion system will also eventually need minor checkups. However, just about everything will need a checkup and adjustment or replacement eventually, leading to Chevy service multi-point inspections.

With more modern Chevy vehicles, you can expect to schedule an inspection and general servicing around the 7,500-mile mark. We provide the following services that we can take care of at the same appointment:

  • Cooling system flush.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Tire rotation.
  • Cabin air filter inspection.
  • Evaporative control system inspection.
  • Spark plug replacement.
  • Transfer case service.
  • Brake maintenance.
  • Automatic or manual transmission service.
  • Fuel saver service.
  • Timing belt inspection and replacement.

You may also be able to save money on specific tasks if you know that's all your vehicle needs. Jim Tubman Chevrolet has the experience and flexibility to make Chevy maintenance affordable and stress-free.


Checking the owner's manual is the best approach to learning about your car's specific needs. A Bolt electric vehicle and a Silverado truck, while both Chevy vehicles, have different maintenance expectations. Here's a breakdown of the most common, fundamental milestones for long-term Chevy maintenance:

  • Every 12,000KM : With a tire rotation and oil change, your mechanic should check the brake pads and engine air filter.
  • Every 24,000KM : Your mechanic will repeat many of the same duties as at 7,500 miles and replace the in-cabin air filter.
  • Every 48,000KM: On top of the previous services, fuel-saver service is likely due around this point. Your Chevy may be close to needing an Allison transmission fluid check, if applicable.
  • Every 72,000KM : Your mechanic will likely need to check the in-cabin air filter and evaporative control system again. If your vehicle has a limited-slip differential, it may need new rear axle fluid.

General Chevrolet service recommendations are helpful, but make sure you're following the owner’s manual first. Bear in mind that your Chevrolet vehicle Can need service as early as 8,000KM or so, and our team will be able to find and fix anything quickly. Use our online form to arrange a service appointment on the day and time of your choice.

You may also be able to save money on specific tasks if you know that's all your vehicle needs. Lally Chevrolet has the experience and flexibility to make Chevy maintenance affordable and stress-free.

You may also be able to save money on specific tasks if you know that's all your vehicle needs. Jim Tubman Chevrolet has the experience and flexibility to make Chevy maintenance affordable and stress-free.