What is Live Market Pricing?

We all know that buying a vehicle can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. At Lally Chevrolet in Tilbury, we’ve changed the way we sell new and pre-owned vehicles with our Live Market Pricing strategy. This means less stress for you, for us, and at the end of the day – every one is happy and you’re driving a new vehicle you love with an experience that you will be raving about.
With Live Market Pricing, we are able to take away lengthy negotiations, no back & forth on trade values, no hidden fees, and most importantly – no taking advantage of your time.

No More Stressful Negotiations!

Purchasing your next vehicle shouldn’t feel like a battle. Our team at Lally Chevrolet does not want you to go home wondering if you could have gotten a better deal or not. So, we are offering you the best deal possible, the fair value, with Live Market Pricing.




How Does Live Market Pricing Work?

With Live Market Pricing, our team checks the fair value of our vehicles every day, comparing equally-equipped vehicles in a 300km radius of our market area. Then, we update our inventory prices in real-time to reflect the current market price. This allows us to price our vehicles in our market area fairly while passing the savings onto you. With Lally Chevrolet's Live Market Pricing strategy, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most competitive price around town.

1. Lally Chevrolet Checks their Prices Daily!

2. Compare Similar Vehicles in Our Market Area

3. Prices are Updated in Real Time

These real-time results offer fair pricing for you, the customer, and eliminates the need for negotiations. Lally Chevrolet’s Live Market Pricing strategy ensures:

❌ no back and forth pricing games
❌ no stressful negotiations or pressure situations
❌ no mark-up to mark-down gimmicks
❌ no hassling
❌ no haggling
❌ no more guessing

Experience Live Market Pricing Today

Here at Lally Chev, we are committed to make your vehicle purchasing experience a happy and stress-free one.

Want to learn more about Live Marketing Pricing? Come in and visit us at Lally Chevrolet in Tilbury today and we’ll show you how it works. If you want to know the low price you can expect to pay for a brand new or pre-owned vehicle today, check out our new inventory or pre-owned stock!